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I wasn’t always an ALPHA but through sheer determination, I was able to silence my inner beta. 

In my early twenties, I was obsessed with acquiring as many new skills as humanly possible. During this time I learned how to negotiate, to hold myself accountable and to expect more from myself.  It wasn’t until I got my first job in politics and promoted 5 times in 2 years, that I started to feel my fire.


My sense of self-pride was confronted when I left my hard-fought career and moved to a different city for my fiancé, now husband. I came to a shocking revelation that I had spent zero time building my identity outside of the parameters of my career. Without the title, I was lost and worthless, I was back to living my beta life. I felt completely out of alignment with who thought I was and who I was in the present moment.

It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I forced myself to make a CHOICE to be who I wanted to be. Determined to piece myself back together again, I began to expose myself to women that were killing it. Thus my process was born. I thrust myself into the unknown, taking every risk I could find to upgraded my environment to upgrade myself. I became relentless, determined and focused on being the best version of myself. Embrace your Alpha is a community for women empowerment. I hope it can provide female with a community and inspiration to live a life in alignment. 

Today I am a CEO, boss, wife, puppy mom, Yogi and best of all an ALPHA. My goal for you is to feel the exhilarating sense of pride that comes with being in alignment with your best self.

I am here on this journey with you! Don’t hesitate to get in touch anytime at hello@embraceyouralpha.com

“I want you to inspire you to be bold enough to design the life you’ve always wanted.”

Yours truly,

Katrina Xavier 

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"I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay."

- Madonna