What's Stopping Your Dreams?!

Updated: May 30, 2020

Gabby Bernstein - a New York Times Bestselling Author and International Speaker.

Let's face it, we all struggle with our purpose. Every single person on this planet has struggled with why they are here and for what reason. For this week's featured video we bring you Gabby Bernstein's segment to help you "unlock your manifesting powers" and create your true purpose.

In this inspirational video Gabby Bernstein breakdown the power of manifesting what you truly believe. During this segment she explains the four main blocks to manifesting and how to overcome them. We've outlined them for you below:

The Manic Manifester

  • The person who has all the self-help books

  • Repeating positive affirmations

  • Constantly meditating and vision boarding

The problem here is the energy that they attach to their vision. The energy is needy and frantic. And it is the energy that attracts to it a result. The difference in energy and desire creates a vibrational rift that is not in alignment. As a result, this blocks your ability to manifest.

The solution is to let go and allow what is meant to be to come through. Keep doing all the steps that you are from meditating to vision boarding, but be aware of your energy. Check-in with your energy and ground it. Take a deep breath to find balance and clarity.

Affirmation: "I desire this now, and I give it over to the universe to present it to me."

The Pushy Manifester

  • This person believes that if they aren't over working nothing will happen

  • The harder I push the more I get

  • Trying to force results

The problem here is that the pushier we are, and the more we are trying to force something to happen, we are not receptive. We are not allowing the universe to deliver the best. Instead, we are demanding what we think we want.

The solution is to accept that you are supported beyond what you can imagine. It's time to meditate and relax to tune into a presence beyond your own consciousness; this is the presence of love.

Affirmation: I am loved by the universe and must trust in letting go to find balance.

The Fearful Manifester

  • This person is constantly plagued by fear

  • There is an uncontrollable story running on repeat in their head

  • Attached to each thought is a fear

The problem here is that the more afraid we are the more blocked we become from manifesting our true wants. Here we stay stuck in the story of what we don't want more than what we want.

The solution to fear is much easier than we think. The first step is to bring awareness to it, understand the fear and then call it out. This action will diffuse it's power over you.

Affirmation: "I am not my fear, I am powerful beyond measure"

The Judgemental Manifester

  • This person is constantly comparing themselves to others

  • Very Jealous

  • Talking negatively about other people or negative self talk

The problem here is that the judgement creates separation from others and separation from our true nature or calling. By doing this, we block the connection between us and the universe. This alienation separates us from being able to build a strong foundation to manifest and create.

The solution is simple. Start to want for other people what you've desired for yourself. Start to bring awareness to other's strengths and power. Find gratitude for how others enrich your life.

Affirmation: "I am a reflection of others, I am grateful for the value that others give me"

Now that you know these blocks to manifesting, take the tools mentioned and apply them to unblock your power.

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