How to Marie Kondo Your Closet!

Updated: May 30, 2020

Let’s face it; the world is currently obsessed with Marie Kondo and her magical ways. After reading her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and watching her Netflix special I have gathered the following tips to help you declutter your closet & style.

It’s Time to Love Your Closet

This is why people are obsessed with the KonMari method. Once you’ve dealt with the stress and clutter, you can see your closet for what it really is. There’s space between items, so you no longer have to fight with your hangers to get to clothes. All of which means you get hope through your closet, whether you’re getting ready in the morning for work or planning an outfit for a date.

Rediscover Your Style

Once you declutter your closet and can see what you actually have, you can discover a new style. You start to have the space to be creative with the pieces that you have. The standard black turtleneck can finally be put to rest.

Purging Feels Incredible

Once you discover your style. Place all your clothes in the centre of your room. Be present and go through each item and determine if it, in fact, fits your new found style. If it doesn’t, its time to let go. You finally get the permission you needed to get rid of colourful shirts bought on sale, dresses past their prime, skirts that always clung uncomfortably. We all have a lot of things that were an impulse buy but weren’t actually their style. Think about the fact that they’d be better on someone else’s body or in someone else’s life.

Nostalgia Is Not Your Friend

Nostalgia is a lie. Kondo knows what she’s talking about when she recommends that you put blinders on and focus only on the category in front of you. When you see something that will trigger you down a nostalgia rabbit hole, take a moment put it aside and save it for a specific time. Remember your brain is a master manipulator. It will have you thinking about how to re-clutter your life.

Guess What! You Should Fold, Not Hang

Kondo thinks a lot of our clothing would be better off (or as she’d say, happier) folded in a dresser. Counter to what you think, they should be folded as it gives them the proper space to prosper. Clothing takes up more space when it is hung up.

The Fold!

Kondo’s vertical folding technique makes everything easy to spot and hard to mess up. Think fabric origami. This will line your drawers in neat rows that are beautiful. Also, it’s time to keep those shoe boxes! They will help categorize and keep your shirts standing.

Tackle Categories, Not Rooms

Kondo’s first rule is to tidy by category—deal with every single one of your books at once, for example; otherwise, they’ll continue to creep from room to room. The clutter will just move from place to place. She advises beginning with clothing since it’s the least emotionally loaded of one’s things.


Kondo asks that you consider your clothing’s feelings: Are they happy being squashed in a corner shelf or crowded onto hangers? Are your hardworking socks really thrilled to be balled up? Which sounds quite out there but at the same time once you look at the before and after you can genuinely feel how your clothes feel.

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